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People with chronic lung disease can learn a lot from physicians and other health care professionals, but they can learn from one another, as well. Most of all, they teach us all so much about living. Here are some stories of people just like you who have learned to live well with lung disease. We’re sure you’ll be informed and inspired.

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For video stories from the COPD Foundation, click here.

Pulmonary Rehab Success Stories

A Better Way of Life by Jane M. Martin

Giving Back a Garden by Jane M. Martin

Living Well, Staying Well - by Jane M. Martin

The Queen of Pulmonary Rehab – From wheel chair to success on the treadmill, Betty Roemer celebrates 20 years in Pulmonary Rehab!
By Darlene Watkins

The Black Dog – COPD and depression from someone who knows
By Brian Webster

Breath is Life – As a Father's Memory Lives On – The story of Lori Palermo’s father, Wayne Litzenberger and their family’s life with COPD
By Jane M. Martin

COPD will NOT Control Me! – An inspiring story from Trudy denHoed
By Jane M. Martin

A Day of Hope and Sunshine
a true story by Jane M. Martin

Destined to Hear, Lead to Write, Chosen to Celebrate – One woman’s quest to preserve history in her region
By Betty Dotson-Lewis

Embracing the Mission – Courage in the face of adversity and a search for diagnosis – and a cure for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency
By Jane M. Martin

Giving Back – The Story of Harry Vanderhule
By Jane M. Martin

It's Just Asthma
By Jane M. Martin

Len Geiger Lives Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

A Life Worth Living – The Story of Hal Heckel
By Jane M. Martin

Losing Someone with COPD
By Jo-Von Tucker and Jane M. Martin

Mike South, Exhibit to Showcase Work, Life, of Coal Miner, Artist and Advocate
Washington and Lee University Newsletter

Miracles Part 1

Miracles Part 2

Miracles Part 3  – The amazing story of coal miner, Les Blevins, and the fight of his life
By Jane M. Martin

My Life and Asthma by Alan Vaughn

Never Give Up! Never! – Finding strength to fight on with COPD
By Dr. Vijai Sharma

A Note of Support – Hugs and encouragement for people with lung disease

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: How My Daughter Nearly Died From Asthma
By Kandy Blankartz

Quit Smoking Encouragement – If they did it, so can you!
Authored by former smokers

Starving for Air – It may have seemed hopeless for her dad, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.
By Lori Palermo

A Story of Two Women…or…Why I Wrote Live Your Life with COPD – 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope
By Jane M. Martin

Thanksgiving – How can you possibly be thankful for COPD?
By John M. Smith as told by Jane M. Martin

Thoughts on Hope – Thoughts on hope from a very unlikely source
By Steve Rietveld

A Visit to the New River Clinic  - Come with us to a Black Lung Clinic in the mountains of West Virginia
By Jane M. Martin

What Can I Count on Today?
By Jane M. Martin with comment by Jo-Von Tucker

A Winning Season – College tennis star, Jennifer Smith, learns to control her asthma

The Christmas Bicycle's Lesson
By Neva Maynor

Christmas Memories – A sweet holiday story of a family and their traditions
By Lori Palermo

A COPD Christmas – by Jim Phillips

Santa's Book – from Santa’s Journey by Cliff Snider, Infinity Publishing, 2008


Introduction by Sheila Shiel
Poetry by Sheila Shiel
I Was Dreaming
Think Pink
Full Moon Fantasy

Art Sweet

My Dear Friend
Deb Singer (Art's caregiver)

Black Lung

A COPD Christmas
Jim Phillips





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