Welcome, friends, to the October update from Breathing Better Living Well!

So much to learn!

There’s always a lot going on at Breathing Better Living Well (BBLW) and this month is certainly no exception. October and November are busy months for breathing-related stuff: Events for information and awareness, and of course, more solid content on our website to help you learn to breathe easier and live a full life while you’re doing it.

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This semester in our pulmonary rehab program, we have two interns from the Muskegon Community College Respiratory Therapy Program. Each student is with us for 12 days, learning all about Pulmonary Rehab and working with our patients. In addition to completing a five-page checklist of what I want to make sure they know and understand by the time they’re done, I’ve asked them to do this: At the end of each day, before you leave pulmonary rehab write down one thing – just one thing – you learned today. It doesn’t have to be a fact or figure. It can be anything. But it must be something new you learned. I won’t ask to see it. It’s not for me. It’s for you.

Now, my guess is that most of you, almost all of you in fact, are no longer students enrolled in school. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a lifelong learner. Therefore, I challenge you to click somewhere on this newsletter and learn at least one thing – just one! But something tells me you’ll learn a lot more.

Now on with the newsletter. Here we go…

More “Ask the Doctor”
On our basics page you’ll find the second part of our Q & A with Dr. Frank Adams. Find questions – and answers – on all kind of things… oxygen, pneumonia, turning red, turning, gray, exercise and more… Visit "Ask the Doctor."

End-Stage COPD Articles on Health Central
Take a look at the last in my series of articles on this important topic: "Why Everybody Should Have a Living Will." In it I share a personal story of my father’s illness and my family’s experience. The other articles in the series are:

  • "End Stage COPD: What is it and what does it mean?"
  • "Health and Happy with End Stage COPD"
  • "Living Well at Home and Away"

You can always get to my last ten articles on Health Central from the widget at the bottom of our home page or at the top of our articles page.

Remember these dates
Respiratory Care Week – October 25-31.
Alpha-1 Education Day – November 14 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ll be presenting Breathing Better with Alpha-1: 42 Tips and Tricks to Get Through Your Day.
World COPD Day – November 18
The Great American Smokeout – November 19 (more on this next month)

Rethink Your COPD! Think differently about your approach to COPD. Sign up for tools such as doctor appointment reminders, humidity alerts, medication reminders, and more.
Allergy Learning Center – A wealth of information about allergies
COPD Alert – Support and advocacy for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals
COPD Foundation – Dedicated to developing and supporting programs through research, education, early diagnosis, and therapy for people with COPD

Support Group in your area
List your breathing support group on BBLW! Just click here to tell me if you’d like to list your group. More on this next month…

Book Bargains
A downturn in the economy affects us all and we’re watching our pennies more than ever. Because of this, here at BBLW we’ve made it much easier for you to find new and used, deep-discount books in our bookstore. Here’s how it works. The “Amazon” button for each book will take you to that book’s main page – but if you click on the title of that book that's in blue font and underlined (on our bookstore page), it will take you directly to that book on Amazon with choices for a discounted price. So, the next time you’d like that book but you’re short on cash, check out the blue underlined links in our bookstore, or the “new and used” section through any Amazon portal on our site. Featured books this month are:

I know it really works because last month somebody (I don’t know who) purchased a book from Amazon through the BBLW bookstore for one cent! That’s right… the book was priced at one penny! Of course, BBLW didn’t get a share of that one, but the important thing is that somebody, somewhere, got the book and learned something new. Woo-hoo!

Visit our BBLW neighborhood and see what’s happening. Our fabulous team is always posting interesting information and links to new articles. You’ll also find information and support from amazing people for living as healthy, strong, and happy as possible. Everyone is welcome!

And more…
Here’s yet another way to ask a question (and get an answer) about COPD. Phone the COPD Call Center, staffed by people with COPD who have answers to your questions. You can find the link on our home page.

Do you ever think that if our members of Congress just knew more about COPD, they’d be better at finding solutions? Operation 435 is designed to help your representatives learn about COPD.

Our friend, Lori Palermo is now blogging for Everyday Health. Go Lori!

That’s about all for now. Remember my challenge to you – to click from this newsletter and learn something new. I hope you take me up on it and learn at least one thing, but chances are… you’ll learn a lot more!

Breathe well today, my friends, and I’ll see you back here again next month.


“If you’re through learning, you’re through.”
~~~ Bruce Barton (adapted)