Welcome, friends, to the August update from Breathing Better Living Well!

baggy hound with big earsWe’re all ears!

That’s right! Last month we asked, you answered – and we listened. I promised I’d share some of the results of our survey with you this month along with some of our tracking information, including a list of the five most visited pages on Breathing Better Living Well. So, here you are.

First of all, thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to our first survey. The number of responses was greater than we expected, and I was humbled by both your loyalty and your appreciation for what we do. I’m not going to go over all the responses, but here are a few highlights. If you’re interested in seeing all the responses from the entire survey, just email me at jane@breathingbetterlivingwell.com.

Here we go…

  • 80% of you said you are either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the BBLW website.
  • 60% of visitors come to our site seeking information from our Basics, Articles, or Stories pages.
  • 90% of those who come to our site looking for something specific – find exactly what they’re looking for, part of what they’re looking for, or something better than what they’re looking for.
  • All visitors to our Community board / forum, feel that all aspects of the board are above average, and that the accuracy of the information and quality of content are well above average.
  • About half of the people who visit the board simply enjoy reading and learning but do not respond.
  • Over 80% of you said that you are likely to recommend our website to a friend or colleague.

Now for our Top Five list of most frequently visited pages.……….

  1. BBLW home page
  2. Oxygen Q & A on the Basics page
  3. BBLW Community board / forum
  4. Basics page
  5. First Steps

Finally… from looking at our entry and exit pages, we find that over 60% of people who enter on the home page don’t stop there but go ahead and look around the site. And, while only 4% of visitors enter our site on the community page, almost four times as many (15%) visit that page before they log off. We like that!

Now, for some changes… Because so many people find the oxygen Q & A so helpful, we’ve taken the “Ask the Expert” feature from our community board / forum and put it also on our basics page. The question topics are now listed together at the top of the page and you can click on a question to get to the entire question with the answer. This brand new Ask the Doctor feature with these questions can be found only on our website. We started with our first conversation with Dr. Frank Adams, but this is a work in progress with more questions, more features, more experts, and a new look to come!

What is End Stage COPD? That’s a serious question I get all the time and something I’ve been asked to discuss in a series of articles at the Health Central Network. You can find the first two articles on their site. You can also go to my articles on Health Central from the widget at the bottom of our home page.

Say hello to a new BBLW sponsor, All Day Medical. Stop in at All Day Medical by scrolling down to their link on our home page (just above the Amazon search box). If your organization is interested in a sponsorship on our site, please email me at jane@breathingbetterlivingwell.com.

Don’t forget…BBLW is now hosting a special blog focusing on pulmonary rehab. In our new BBLW Pulmonary Rehab blog Eileen, Peg and Darrell share their experiences. You can find the blog by clicking here or on the box at the bottom of our home page. Check it every day and if you don’t find a new post that very day, you will find an inspiring and encouraging message on the “Wellevation Quote of the Day.”

Got a question about lung disease? Or maybe you’d just like a little company… you know, somebody who knows what you’re going through. Take a walk through our BBLW neighborhood, see what the gang is up to today, and say hi. Everyone is welcome!

Lots of you have been checking out that terrific new product for O2 users, the O2 Tote! Carry your O2 in style!

Visit our basics page for more videos with solid information on COPD: What is COPD?, Signs of COPD (includes the difference between COPD and Asthma), Preventing COPD, and Treating COPD.

And visit our articles page for tons of solid information from Dr. Sharma on
Panic and Anxiety in COPD.

That’s about all for now. Remember, we not only love to hear from you, but when we do, we listen.

For now, I’m going to keep on asking, listening, and writing – and also do my best to enjoy what’s left of the summer. Breathe Well today my friends, and I’ll see you back here again next month.


"It’s not so much what we know, as how well we use what we know."
— Ernesta Procope