Welcome, friends, to the October update from Breathing Better Living Well!

Well, I’m just busting my buttons and I can’t contain myself any longer! I’m delighted, and proud, to announce that this month we’re welcoming four new team members to BBLW! You know, a website can have all kinds of information – really good information – but when it comes right down to it, it’s still all about people. And here at BBLW we have the best!

Thank you to our newest team members, Helen, Peg, Craig, and Neva for saying “yes” when I asked them to join our volunteer staff. BBLW is a labor of love and our reward is simple – it’s the satisfaction we get when we help people like you breathe a little easier and know you’re not alone. It’s also gratifying to hear from you how our site has made a difference in your lives. Thank you, our readers out there, for writing in and telling us how much our community means to you!

You can learn all about the new staff members on our Meet the Team page, but here’s a brief introduction. Peg has COPD and is involved in our own pulmonary rehab program here in West Michigan. She loves to encourage others, saying, "We all have to walk our own path, we just don't have to walk it alone." Craig is a Respiratory Therapist living and working in Tennessee. He is the author of a new book, BreathWish: A Scriptural Guide to Smoking Cessation and Understanding COPD, which is now available in our bookstore. Neva has COPD due to the genetic disorder, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. She works for the West Virginia Legislature and does volunteer work for several lung organizations. Her mantra is, "Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible." Helen Sorenson is a respiratory therapist and professor at the University of Texas Medical Center in San Antonio. You may already be familiar with Helen from her “Ask the RT” forum on our community page. She’s coming aboard as a Contributing Professional.

It’s back! The dreaded flu season. Give yourself a fighting chance of beating the flu this year by understanding how the flu virus works. Here are links to two excellent videos about virus: How You Catch a Cold and Getting the Flu. For information on what you can do to avoid getting the flu, read Protecting Yourself from the Flu. And don't forget your flu shot!

Take a look at some old favorites and some brand new releases in the BBLW Bookstore. A few of our most popular books are The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu, The Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu, and Breathe Better, Live in Wellness, which is now available in Audio and Download and also from Audible, UK. One of our own BBLW Team members, Craig Amerrall is the author of a new book, BreathWish: A Scriptural Guide to Smoking Cessation and Understanding COPD.
*** Remember – a few cents from the purchase of any product made through any Amazon portal on the BBLW site, goes towards supporting the maintenance of this website.

Does the stress of everyday life get to you sometimes? Need a quick fix? Click on our articles page for the Breathing Relaxation for Lungs and Heart “Tune-Up.” Our own Dr. Vijai Sharma, who has emphysema and had a quadruple coronary bypass last year, finds these simple techniques most helpful for both stress management and for lung and heart function.

Remember the “Welcome Inn” is the place to go when you’re a BBLW Newbie. Our moderating team is here to help. Remember, they were once newbies, just like you! Welcome, friends, to the BBLW Welcome Inn!

Join us at BBLW Chat each Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 pm, East coast time. Check the chat forum to make sure of the next scheduled time and for a link to the World Clock for information on time zones. It’s been great to see some new faces at chat!

That’s about all for now. Don't forget, November is COPD Awareness Month. Breathe well today, my friends – one day, one breath at a time.


P.S.: I met Santa! But … I'll tell you more about that next month …

“Do not protect yourself by a fence,
but rather by your friends.”

~~~ Czech proverb