Welcome, friends, to the July update from Breathing Better Living Well!

leaf on waterIts already past mid-July and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out where the first half of the summer has gone. But it has, and I’m thankful once again for another chance to sit down with you and share what’s going on at BBLW. This picture was taken just down the road from the cottage we rent each year for our family vacation. Looks like those chairs are just waiting for somebody to come along and take a break. That one on the end is calling your name, and I’ll be in that one right next to it. So, how about we take a few minutes and catch up. I’ll pour the lemonade…

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been keeping in touch with readers through our on line newsletters since December of 2004. In each newsletter I’ve done my best to inform you about what’s interesting and new on the site. A lot has changed in three and a half years; BBLW has grown enormously, with lots of new information, support and resources. We’ve met new friends and added to our amazing volunteer staff and our membership. Sadly, we’ve also lost friends and family along the way. Through this time I’ve been honored to share a bit of myself, and my life with you, as well, and you’ve been nice enough to listen. In the last few years I’ve been the proud mom of a high school graduate, a blushing bride, and an Army soldier medic. I’ve been blessed as the wife of the most patient man in the world, calling out, “Just another few minutes!” countless times with my laptop in hand. And, you’ve been there for me through it all, even in my journey as the daughter of a fine man who left this world after a life well lived.

In order to show you all, and especially our newer subscribers, what BBLW’s been about, you can see our past newsletters on a new page, “Newsletter Archives,” linked from our home page. Here you can find the newsletters starting in January, 2007.

Last month we announced the grand opening of the “Welcome Inn,” the place to go when you’re a BBLW Newbie. As with other forums on our community page, we like to think of the “Welcome Inn” as a place, and this place has two parts: the “Front Desk,” where you can come for information, just as you would at a hotel – and when you’re ready to post, the “Welcome Inn” is the place to start. Don’t worry about goofing up! Our wonderful moderating team is here to help. Remember, just like you, they were once Newbies at BBLW! Welcome, friends, to the BBLW Welcome Inn!

In addition to the Welcome Inn, BBLW Chat is back up and running! At chat, we talk about whatever comes to mind, kind of like sitting in a coffee shop and visiting with whomever comes along. Check the chat forum for the next time and date and stop on in!

We’ve had a big response to two pieces mentioned in our last newsletter. One is The Spoon Theory, written by Christine Miserandino, which helps explain to well-folks what its like to live day to day with a chronic illness. Click here to read The Spoon Theory. The other is a story I wrote, a personal account of a family’s tragic loss. It’s Just Asthma can be found on our BBLW stories page. These are “must share” stories.

BBLW moderators, Tim, Eileen, and Sandy each have their own blogs, and my blog, or sharepost, is posted about every two weeks on The Health Central Network. You can get to all these blogs from our home page. My most recent shareposts are about Spiriva, and Good Days and Bad Days with COPD.

Looking for a great summer read? In addition to books on living with lung disease, you’ll find some cool summer escapes in the BBLW Bookstore. Yearning to run away to France from the comfort of your favorite chair? Read An Enchanting Journey by a most charming man, Joseph M. Callewaert. Or if Cape Cod is more your style, take a look at A Year By the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman by Joan Anderson. Now, I wouldn’t want to leave out the guys! Take a ride with wild car guy, Patrick Nowak in Forty Cars that Owned Me.

Got a lung question? See the patient education guides from the American College of Chest Physicians. Print them out and bring to your doctor or breathing support group. Click here and go to General lung health.

For free information and support in quitting smoking, for you or a loved one, get the Stop Smoking newsletter from Health Central. Find the latest news and advice from top doctors, experts and people in the community.

That’s about all for now. We’ll be heading for the cottage this weekend. Take good care of each other while I’m gone, and have a safe and healthy July. I’ll see you here again next month!



“Keep breathing.”
~~~ Sophie Tucker