Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and welcome to the January update from Breathing Better, Living Well! 

Red lighthouse in MichiganBrrrrrr…it’s cold here! And snowy. Here’s a picture of “Big Red,” the lighthouse here in Holland, Michigan. It might look this way around here for a while yet, but if you read on to the bottom of this page, you’ll find another picture, one of strength and fortitude in spite of the cold and snow. I’m sure many of you feel that same way sometimes.

Now, on with our newsletter…

Blog, blog, blog! More and more people are blogging these days, and here at BBLW we’re no exception. A blog is a great way to share information, whether it be specific to a topic or a cause, or just personal, kind of like a journal. It’s a great way to get to know more about things and about people – how they think and what’s going on in their lives. Three members of our team, Sandy, Tim, and Eileen have their own blogs and you can visit them by going to our home page and clicking on blogs.

New Blog on Stopping Smoking and COPD
I’m thrilled – and honored – to be blogging for When they decided to add a page on Smoking Cessation and COPD, they asked if I would offer some information and suggestions on COPD. You can read my blog at

Tour the Respiratory System
Thanks to our friends at and to our wonderful moderator Trudy, who brought this to my attention, you can now “Tour the Respiratory System.” Learn about the function of the respiratory system and understand how oxygen and carbon dioxide is exchanged in the lungs. Go to our Basics page and click on Tour the Respiratory System.

“10 Terms You Need to Know”
Here are 10 very simple terms everyone with COPD should know by Dr. Robert “Sandy” Sandhaus. You know, sometimes we’re on such a quest to learn detailed information that we forget to make sure we have a good understanding of the basics. 10 Terms you Need to Know will help make sure we’re all on the same page. Thanks to the COPD Foundation for granting permission to BBLW to post this information.

More Oxygen Q & A
In tracking some of the pages visited on BBLW (don’t worry, it doesn’t give us the specifics about who’s reading what) we’ve found that an overwhelming number of people have visited – and keep on visiting – our Oxygen Questions and Answers page. Because so many of you are interested in learning about oxygen, we’ve added to our bookstore a great little book, Adventures of an Oxyphile, by Dr. Thomas Petty, who is considered the father of portable oxygen. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Petty for his courage and fortitude in breaking down barriers to raise awareness for the need for better, lighter, more portable and wearable oxygen. Dr. Petty himself is now a user of supplemental oxygen. This helpful little book is priced at just $5.95 new – and gently used books are available for even less. For more info visit our Oxygen Q & A page or our bookstore.

Meet the Team
We’re very happy to welcome to our BBLW Team Sandy Grace! Sandy brings a lot of energy, understanding and compassion to our forum. You can now read her inspiring story on our Meet the Team page.

Yoga for COPD
I mentioned last month at the close of my letter that in January we’d be talking about panic and anxiety with COPD. We aren’t able to do that right now because Dr. Sharma will be in India until April. But he’s looking forward to answering your questions when he gets back! Until then, you can check out his Yoga for COPD articles on our BBLW articles page.

Rose with ice on it

Speaking of looking forward, no matter how bad the winter gets, we can always look forward to spring. We will get through these dreary days and emerge in the spring, just like the tulips. We might get dumped upon once in a while, but we’ll make it through!

Breathe Well today, my friends, and I’ll see you next month!


“We conquer by continuing.”
~~~ George Matheson