Dear Friends of Breathing Better, Living Well!

I'm so glad you're here! You're just in time to join me as I take a shiny new key and open the front door of our brand new Breathing Better Living Well Website!

I thought it was time we get a new look and make some improvements... organizing the site better, making it more interactive and easy to use, and most of all, just making it feel more like home.

Here are some tips on how you can best use the new BBLW and make the most out of your visit...

There are two ways -- two different roads, if you will -- to help you get where you want to go. One is by clicking on one of the five General Categories you're interested in learning about. You'll see them as soon as you step onto the home page. The other road you can take is to click on specific pages on the navigation bar on the left side of the home page. Either pathway should get you where you want to go for lots of great information and support.

Whatever new things are being featured on our site can be found along the right side of the home page on the "What's New?" buttons. These will change according to what's new and what's being featured on BBLW.

In addition to these new categories and pages, we've added a couple new pages in response to what people seem to want to know about us. One new page focuses on our book, Breathe Better, Live in Wellness. People often ask me how I got involved in doing all of this. Well, the book is really how and where this whole thing got started. On the book page (click on the book cover on the home page) you can learn about Breathe Better's beginnings, take a peek at the table of contents, listen to free audio, and more. There's also a page about Jane. When I travel around and talk to people, they want to know, "Who is this Jane M. Martin person, anyway, and how in the world did she get all wrapped up in doing this?" Click on my picture to find out.

We know everybody learns in different ways. Some of us learn best by reading factual information, and others by looking at pictures or by listening to somebody else tell a story or explain something. Some of us learn by socializing with others and hearing about their experiences. This is why we’ve provided all kinds of things on the site: material you can print out and take to your doctor, links to an abundance of information, personal stories about everyday people, and images of lungs, videos, and audio recordings to enhance your learning.

Whatever your personal learning style, we hope you find something at Breathing Better, Living Well to inform and to inspire...and to help you live a full and healthy life with chronic lung disease.

I'm not going to go into linking this newsletter to all the exciting new things on BBLW. Right now, I'm just going to swing open the door, and welcome you to come on in and look around.

Welcome home, dear friends, to Your New Breathing Better, Living Well!


"They can because they think they can."

~~~ Virgil