Dear Friends of Breathing Better, Living Well!

We’re under construction! Yep, that’s right. Our 70-some-year old house is finally getting a new roof. Now, it’s not just a face-lift with another layer of shingles, we’re talking a major tear off of too many layers of old shingles, installing new venting, new lumber, a layer of ice and rain protection, and of course, nice new shingles. No more leaks, no more drips, no more buckets catching rain water, no more falling plaster. No more falling through the ceiling!

Well, I guess the timing’s just perfect because right now Breathing Better Living Well is under construction, as well. We’re working hard on making your pulmonary website, your gathering place - your safe place -better overall. Updated, easier to use, a little bit prettier and just like our roof, making our place here safe and warm and dry for years of loving use to come.

Right now I hear the heavy steps of construction boots and noise from construction workers scraping and hammering above me as I work in my home office upstairs. The walls shake and I swear they’ll fall right through the ceiling… but this old house is pretty tough. It’s proven that to us through the years, sheltering our family as fierce storms have roared across the lake.

So this update is rather brief and simple, just like our suppers have been over the last week…but certainly no less important. We all still need sustenance.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with COPD or other chronic lung disease, go to First Steps. These seven steps will guide you on what it takes to live a full life with lung disease. Forward them to a friend. Print them out and pass them around. Help someone with lung disease have hope and know they are not alone!

I’m pleased and proud to announce that we’ve added two new members to our Breathing Better Living Well (BBLW) Team! I’m sure some of you know Trudy and Dee from their posts on our BBLW Community bulletin board. They’re both wonderful ladies with a lot of heart and a willingness to help others and make a difference. Soon you can learn more about them on our Meet the Team page, but for now, just stop on in and say “Hey!”

Speaking of our community, there have been some great discussions on our board lately. More in-depth discussions about all kinds of things, especially about how you can cope with changes brought on by lung
disease…important discussions upholding and encouraging each other to work through difficult times and go on to live a full life.

That’s about it for now. Oh my, where did the month of June go? I guess I can answer that… for us it went to website work and getting a new roof…and trying not to run over stray nails in the driveway! July should be a bit quieter once the site is done, the construction crew has packed up and you, my dear friends from BBLW, are settling in to look around and enjoy our new “remodel.”

Breathe well today, my friends.
I’ll see you on the new BBLW next month!


“Good judgment comes from experience,
and experience… well, that comes from poor judgment.”
~~ A.A. Milne