Welcome to a special update from Breathing Better, Living Well!

This is a quick update to remind you that pulmonary specialist, Dr. Francis Adams, has been and will continue to be answering Your Questions about COPD and Asthma on our Breathing Better, Living Well Community Board through Thursday, May 31. A special forum has been set up and some of your friends at BBLW have already been there asking questions – and getting great answers. We are honored that Dr. Adams has graciously given his time to join us and share his expertise!

Dr. Adams is the author of The Breathing Disorders Sourcebook and Asthma Sourcebook, and Healing With Empathy, available in the Breathing Better Living Well Bookstore.

Have a good breathing day today, my friends, and I’ll see you on the board!



“I strongly believe that an informed patient is a healthier patient.”

~~~ Dr. Francis Adams