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Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath

Living with chronic lung disease can be confusing, lonely, and frightening. In Breathe Better, Live in Wellness, you’ll find information to help you take control of your breathing — and your life! Most importantly, you’ll discover the stories of everyday people with extraordinary and inspiring wisdom, humor and courage, surviving and thriving in spite of chronic lung disease.

Also available in audio! Heidi Hayes, talented voice of stage and opera, reads Breathe Better, Live in Wellness in a comforting and reassuring way. If you are challenged by limited vision, a limited ability to concentrate, or other reading restriction, let Heidi read to you. Also ideal for commuters and in a breathing support group setting. 

About the Book

"Am I the only one who has this problem? How can I learn about what’s wrong with my lungs? What's going to happen to me? How can anybody possibly understand how I feel? When I started smoking, how could I have known it was so bad for me?" These questions were often asked of Jane Martin as she worked the floor as a respiratory therapist and she often felt helpless, wishing she could do more to make things easier for people with pulmonary disease.

Later as she worked in Pulmonary Rehabilitation she got to her patients well and became inspired by their courage, wisdom, humor and the ability to just forge ahead day after day. In her patients she found people who had learned to live well and thrive in spite of the emotional and physical obstacles found in life with chronic lung disease. She thought, “If only these people could get together with those who are lonely, angry, and confused and isolated I know they’d be able to help each other. In an effort to bring patients together Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath was born.

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About the Author

Jane M. Martin is a respiratory therapist with over twenty years experience working with patients in a variety of settings; emergency and trauma, medical/ surgical, and neonate and intensive care. She has developed pulmonary education programs for outpatients and the community, founded and currently works with the Pulmonary Rehab program at Holland Hospital and also founded the Better Breathers’ Club of Holland and served as its coordinator for 19 years. Jane has written and spoken extensively on ways to improve pulmonary care across the patient continuum, as well as on the value of emotional support for improving the quality of life for pulmonary patients. Her featured articles have appeared in various regional and national publications. Originally from the Chicago area, she graduated from Hope College with degrees in education and language arts. She received her respiratory credentials while working in the field. She is the Director of Jane lives in Holland, Michigan.

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What people are saying about Breathe Better, Live in Wellness

“I was skeptical: Why one more pulmonary self-help book? But then I started reading – till the very end. I could not put it down: Well written, key information highlighted, anecdotal stories and experiences, and entirely up-to-date and accurate. This eminently readable book, based on the author's extensive experience in working with pulmonary patients, combines medical information and suggestions for self-help. I highly recommend it to individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic pulmonary disease, their spouses and family members seeking to help them, and to pulmonary therapists who are counseling this escalating patient subset!”

Barry A. Franklin, Ph.D.
Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Laboratories
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan
Past President, American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

“I had the pleasure of reading Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath, and then rereading parts of it as I applied its 'teachings' to my pulmonary medical practice.  It is a unique compendium of inspirational and instructional vignettes that together present a well-rounded view of how ordinary people survive and thrive with lung disease.  While written primarily for the patient with breathing problems, I think it should be required reading for all healthcare providers who work with such individuals.  I would recommend this book strongly to all who look to live well with lung disease and to all who work or live with anyone with shortness of breath.”
Robert A. Sandhaus, M.D., Ph.D., F.C.C.P.

Professor of Medicine
Director, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Program
National Jewish Medical and Research Center
Denver, Colorado
Clinical Director, Alpha-1 Foundation
Medical Director and Executive Vice President, AlphaNet, Miami, Florida

"I gave a copy of "Breathe Better, Live in Wellness" to each of my Pulmonary Rehab patients in both Phase II (those beginning the program) and Phase III  (after graduation maintenance).  After reading the book, the Phase II patients said they found it helped them understand their disease process and not feel alone in dealing with all the aspects of a chronic lung disease.  The Phase III patients said they wished the book would have been available to them from the start of pulmonary rehab because it gave them more insight to their disease. All my patients seemed to have found within the book at least one person and one story to relate to."

Sandra Wright, RRT
Lead Registered Respiratory Therapist  
Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator
Oakwood Annapolis Hospital
Wayne, MI

“I highly recommend Breathe Better, Live in Wellness to anyone newly diagnosed, or any family member or friend, who needs clarity and understanding of patients with respiratory disease. Thank you for contributing your expertise to a book for the breathless.”

Keithen Wade
COPD patient

“I never had any idea before what life is like for a person with COPD. The explanations in Breathe Better, Live in Wellness really helped me understand something about it. I think everybody with a family member with lung disease should read this book.”

Lucy V.
Cardiac patient

"Reading Breathe Better, Live in Wellness was so encouraging! Thank you for giving me hope!"

Ruth Malloch
Pulmonary patient

“A lot of people will benefit from knowing that they are not alone and that others are struggling and finding different ways to cope with COPD. I'm sure it will be a comfort to a lot of patients…I read one story after another and my story was there!”

Patrick Dooley
Oxygen dependent person with COPD
Wolf Creek, OR

“You have done a wonderful job preserving the helpful experiences of some terrifically inspirational patients! This book would have been staggeringly important to us early on and will be to the patients, family, and friends who read it…I hope many patients will find this book…their reward will be a much better life, thanks to you.”

Todd Pierce
husband of Mary Pierce, Lung transplant recipient
St. Joseph, MI

“Thank you…This has been my COPD Bible.”
Marion Mascroft
Person with COPD

“You have achieved the impossible!…a book about sickness that is so good the reader can't put it down! …a truly inspirational book!”

Jane Gillette
Oxygen dependent person with COPD
Sacramento, CA

“I think that everybody going through Pulmonary Rehabilitation should have to read it before they start. They'd know what to expect and they'd get so much more out of it.”

Ben Harris
COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis patient

“Whenever I am discouraged, I just pick up Breathe Better, Live in Wellness, and read a few of the little bits of encouragement. It helps me feel better every time!”

Mary “Scotty” Shea
COPD patient

"COPD can be a lonely, frightening disease. Jane M. Martin has gathered people living with the problem who graciously share their experiences, advice and hints. Breathe Better is a true source of support. Knowing they are not alone can ease the burden for many who suffer from lung disease."

Celeste Belyea, RRT, RN
Editor, The Pulmonary Paper

“This book is simply remarkable! In it is presented an entire collection of bravery, enthusiasm and inspirations for lung patients…It is a wonderful service for people with lung disease.”

Jo-Von Tucker
Cape Cod, MA

"Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle Over Shortness of Breath, is a vital powerhouse packed with invaluable insights and methods that have been tried and tested by genuine users. The book is a gleaming example of a genuine selfless effort by a true healer. Drawing from the experiences of her patients, Jane M. Martin envisions an alternate world for the victims of COPD, a world of comfort and perseverance in the best of human nature to withstand sufferings. A striking feature of the book is the tender concern of a respiratory therapist for her suffering patients and a burning desire to help them overcome their limitations. It is bound to remind the readers of today about the noble work that is carried out by health care professionals. They are those unsung champions who are never thanked in full, and sometimes not even recognized, for the work they do.
Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is a living testimony to human perseverance in the face of adversity. Just a few of the stories include Justine, Jeanette's and John's accounts, living proof of their desires to make the most of life - and help others in the process.

What makes this different from others books in the same genre is the approach taken, which is more akin to a riverside walk with a considerate and caring friend. The step-by-step approach guides the reader through the vagaries and pains of adopting a new lifestyle of therapy and rehabilitation. It also gives the necessary support and belief through trying times, especially efforts to quit smoking. This honest book endeavors to make the reader aware of the risks involved so that preparations may be made for all exigencies and all eventualities are taken care of.

Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is an invaluable tool not just for those suffering from COPD but is sure to catch the attention of those who are looking for a new meaning to life. This book is an invaluable contribution to making the world a better place, and a must-read for anyone who is conscious of safeguarding one's health."
BookWire Review
“ Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is a study in the success that can occur among patients living with pulmonary disease. Martin, an experienced Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapist has compiled an inspirational collection of stories from people with lung diseases. Breathe Better, Live in Wellness takes the patient through the process of learning that they have a pulmonary disease and the emotional dilemmas that such a diagnosis entails. In Martin's supportive and empathetic manner, she makes her way through the pitfalls of each type of pulmonary disease. Using the words and examples of patients who have succeeded in achieving the best rehabilitation possible, Martin exposes the notion that the patients are the ones who must lead the way to success. With heartfelt advice, Jane M. Martin counsels the nonprofessional in what makes the caregiver/well spouse role an asset to the patient with a pulmonary disease. Finally, Martin's book focuses on the things that work to help a patient along the path to improved health with lung disease. Careful not to make those “things that work” a panacea, Martin explores the benefits of each type of aide available. For those of us working in the world of Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Martin's book lends insight into those patients who are successful with rehabilitation and who are able to return to a life of completeness and fulfillment. This work illustrates the tools and characteristics that are necessary for a patient to become someone who happens to have a lung disease as opposed to becoming someone consumed by their lung disease. As the author herself might say, “the patients know the path to wellness, it is our job to gather the supplies and organize the trip.”

Jesse Glenn, A.S., RRT,
Respiratory Therapy and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Crozer Springfield Hospital
Springfield , PA

"Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is a remarkable collection of writings based on personal experiences from individuals and family members of individuals with lung disease. This book offers patients and families a view of real world experiences, coping strategies and practical insights for successful living. For those of us [who] do not have lung problems Breathe Better, Live in Wellness provides insights into the daily life of those [with chronic lung disease] and helps us appreciate what we have. It is an excellent book, with excellent contributors, a beautiful cover and tastefully done. I am sure that those who read it will receive a great deal of benefit…and the will to carry on.”

Dr. Rick Carter, PhD, MBA
Professor of Medicine and Physiology
The University of Texas Health Center
Department of Medical Specialties
Center for Clinical Research
Tyler, TX

"Jane M. Martin has written a book that should be read both by those who have chronic lung disease and their loved ones. It provides valuable insight into the nature of these diseases. The emotional impact on both patient and family is revealed in a series of vivid anecdotes. These stories are inspiring and instructive. They illustrate the help and comfort so many can receive from rehabilitation programs and support groups."

Jerome Rudnitzky, MD
Director of the Division of Pulmonary Disease
Medical Director Respiratory Care Department
Crozer-Chester Medical Center
Chester, PA

"Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is a must read for those with breathing problems and recommended for those who are physically going through hard times. It is an excellent blend of encouragement and education. This book shows how people with major breathing difficulties have taken charge of their lives and are leading active and productive lives. This gives hope! The education sections give understanding. I highly recommend this book."

Phil Hamilton
COPD patient

"The thought of Pulmonary Rehabilitation is difficult for most individuals with lung illness to contemplate, much less begin. Questions like, "I can't even walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without being short of breath – how can I walk in rehab?" or " I don't see how it can help?" are common.

In Breathe Better, Live in Wellness real people with lung illnesses share their often heart-breaking stories and how they marched on and began their experience with pulmonary rehab and progressed to a better state of health… Accomplishment is part of everyone's story here and the positive spirit holds our attention. Over twenty stories reveal the determination of pulmonary patients. One such story is of John Walsh's dedication to finding out what his family illness was and then devoting his time in founding the Alpha-1 Foundation. Another is of Leslie Blevins, a lifetime miner, who developed silicosis. Les' harrowing experience of his lungs failing, and then returning to life after his lung transplant is told, his joy evident in the picture of him escorting his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.For family members and friends, the question and answer section will educate. "Why do people smoke?" and " What role do support groups provide?" The additional resources that Jane M. Martin provides are invaluable. Jane has managed to reach out to many people with "Breathe Better, Live in Wellness" by allowing them to see real life and real accomplishments."

Joanne M. Schum, Cystic Fibrosis, Bilateral Lung Recipient
Taking Flight - Inspirational Stories of Lung Transplantation compiled by Joanne Schum

Special Offers

There are two ways to purchase Breathe Better, Live in Wellness at a discount.

  1. Volume discount When ordering six or more copies, Breathe Better is available for 50% off the $17.95 cover price - $8.98 each. Shipping is free with a purchase of 20 copies or more.

  2. Sponsorship When including a sponsorship page and ordering 150 copies or more, Breathe Better is available at a deep discount of 55% off - $8.08 per book. It is required that the two-sided sponsorship page be submitted to Infinity Publishing in a word document, and is subject to final approval by Jane M. Martin and Infinity Publishing. A sponsorship page could be useful in informing readers about a pulmonary-related product or as a fitting tribute to a loved one who lost their battle with lung disease.

Breathe Better, Live in Wellness is published by Infinity Publishing, the leading Author-originated publisher in the USA. In this method of publishing books are printed as needed, and all material in the book—including the sponsorship page — can be updated as needed. Each order can be tailored to produce just the number of books needed for a specific marketing effort or event. Several hundred copies can be produced and shipped in a matter of days. Books can be sent directly to any location in the continental United States to be waiting for representatives when they arrive for an event.

John F. Harnish, Infinity’s Special Project Director, and Ms. Martin’s representative at Infinity Publishing is available to answer any questions about this program. He may be reached at 610-348-6182 or via email at:

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