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Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS) — X-rays Before and After


Xray before lung-volume reduction surgery   xray after lung-volume reduction surgery

Before LVRS: Note the size and shape of the lungs. They are elongated, pushing down on the diaphragm and making it flat. Note the lack of slope on the shoulders, coming from the neck at about a 90-degree angle. At first glance, even when in street clothes, this patient truly had a puffy, “inflated” appearance.


After LVRS: Note the size and shape of the lungs. They are smaller than before surgery and the diaphragm is not as flat, but in more of a dome-shape. Although this image doesn’t show the neck, you can see that the angle of the shoulders is more typical of a person with normal lungs. This patient, at a glance, even when dressed in street clothes, had a significantly different outward appearance, much less broad in the chest and shoulders and significantly closer to the size and body shape he’d had a few years before.



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