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Welcome to Breathing Better, Living Well, your source for information and support to help you take control of your breathing and live a full life. We're so glad you found us.   Jane Martin - Author



“You are not alone. In the BBLW Community you will learn and find encouragement from folks who understand. In this “read only” forum you’ll find 10 years of time-tested wisdom to help you cope with diagnosis and live day-to-day as best you can by controlling your breathing and your life.”


The Basics
What’s going on in my lungs? What’s COPD? Emphysema? Asthma? Pulmonary Fibrosis? What can I do to breathe better? Do I need oxygen? Learn about breathing techniques, exercise, nutrition, oxygen, finding the right doctor, quitting smoking and more…


Find original articles on all aspects of pulmonary disease by doctors, health care professionals and pulmonary patients.


Read stories that inform and inspire, and discover how everyday people with pulmonary disease have overcome fear, confusion, anxiety, and isolation to live a full life. Learn about ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things to help others with lung disease.


In the Breathing Better, Living Well bookstore you’ll find books about living with lung disease; solid information, encouragement, and support as well as select products to make your life easier. You might also discover some hidden treasures—just good reads.

You can help support Breathing Better Living Well through your Amazon purchases. Whether you buy general merchandise, health products, respiratory-related products, groceries, or books (both new and used) a small percentage from each purchase will go to help maintain the BBLW website. It’s easy! Just enter through any Amazon portal on the BBLW website and shop as usual. Be assured that purchases remain anonymous to BBLW and cannot be traced to the buyer.

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The BBLW Community is now “read only” – information, support and conversations about living well with COPD and other chronic lung disease, featuring Ask the Experts, Larry’s Monday Lesson and more!

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